Auto Accident Treatment Franklin

If you find yourself in a car accident, it’s important to get your body evaluated to see if you need treatment, even if the accident was small and it doesn’t seem like you experienced an injury. Whether you walked away from the accident feeling fine or you sustained serious injuries, either way you should seek an evaluation.


You might wonder why you would need to seek an evaluation if you walked away from the accident fine, but the reason is that there might be unseen injuries that will affect you later if they haven’t done so already. And if you’re already feeling pain and stiffness in your neck, back, hips or other areas, you definitely need treatment right away.

Auto accidents generally come with large amounts of force on your body. Whether you stop suddenly and jerk forward, or you experience a crash, your body and your spine experience the force of the stop or the collision.


The body tenses its muscles and braces itself for the impending stop or collision, which makes the effects even worse. You can experience many types of damage, including whiplash, soft tissue damage and more. the problem is that you might not notice this type of damage right away. You might feel fine, but then a few days, or even a few weeks, later, you start to feel the pain, stiffness and other problems. At that point, you might not even realize that these problems were caused by the accident.

Seek Treatment Right Away

Instead of waiting for the pain and other potential problems, be sure to seek a professional evaluation right after the accident. If you visit a chiropractor, we can provide a physical exam, X-rays and any other applicable tests to determine whether your body sustained any injuries. Then, we can be proactive in getting your body back into its pre-accident shape through adjustments and other treatment measures.


Visiting a chiropractor is a smart choice after your accident. A chiropractor’s expertise allows him to diagnose soft tissue injuries. We can help identify the areas affected by whiplash and other trauma from the accident. Once we have narrowed down the affected areas, we can work on a treatment plan. This can include options like chiropractic adjustments, muscle relaxation and therapeutic exercises.

Our Personal Injury Specialist

Dr. Domenic Mancini, D.C.

Exceptionally skilled chiropractic physician with more than 28 years of experience. His knowledge in treatment and case management of auto accidents is displayed from the initial examination to complete chiropractic rehabilitation. As the Personal Injury Director at the Dr. Gil Center for Neck, Back, and Chronic Pain, he is strongly committed to providing high-quality care for patients of all ages.